Busaosowo Foundation

Our Projects

We launched an empowerment program targeted at helping people with special needs see beyond their disability, build positive self-esteem, learn vocational skills, become self-reliant and reach their highest potentials…

In August 2018, we launched our second initiative called D. F. D. I (DELIVERED FROM DRUGS INITIATIVE), a campaign geared towards drug abuse prevention among young people.

On the 5th of January 2019, we began PROJECT_INSPIRE to inspire young people to action by telling stories of other young people in Nigeria who are responding to problems facing their community.

As part of moves to consolidate on our efforts, we began the AFRICA DEVELOPMENT SERIES in September 2020, a learning platform for social innovators to provide them with accurate information, skills and the collaboration they need to implement their ideas for social development.

In July 2019, we introduced Busaosowo Foundation INTEGRITY AWARD to encourage young people especially teenagers to choose honesty as the highest road to walk on.

We recognize that education is key for the actualization of every young person’s dream and that’s why we launched GIFT A CHILD A TEXTBOOK where we are receiving donations of secondary school textbooks and distributed same to students in rural communities.

The Future Is Now Project (FINP) is a youth development intervention project of Busaosowo Foundation with the objective of preventing substance abuse and violent crimes among young people in rural communities in Nigeria.


We are inspiring Africa's future